The French Revolution
Updated: 3/9/2020
The French Revolution

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  • On Monday the 4th May, King Louis XVI, his court and all the representatives of the Estates-General sat together in a church service. During the service a bishop preached a sermon calling for the king and his court to improve the way France was governed.
  • The King was short of money. Expensive wars and bad government has cost a lot. In 1776 he sacked his finance minister, Turgot, and replaced him with a Swiss banker named necker. But he borrowed money and made up figures to avoid trying to make the rich pay more taxes.
  • The only way to get agreement to new taxes was to call a meeting of the Estates-General. Made up of representatives of the three estates, it had not met since 1614. This was because French kings tried to rule without getting the agreement to people.
  • On Saturday 2nd May, the king met all the representatives of the third estate. He spoke to no one except one old man to whom he said, 'good morning, good man'.
  • It was the members of the third estate who made the revolution. This was not surprising: They paid most of the taxes but had no say in the running of the country.
  • The king would not accept their demands. On the 17th June the third estate changes its name to the National Assembly. a large number of clergy came and joined them.
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