The Diary of Anne Frank (Act 2 scene 4,5)

The Diary of Anne Frank   (Act 2 scene 4,5)

Storyboard Text

  • In the main room....,
  • Down office
  • The telephone is ringing
  • "Something has happened, Mr. Frank.For three days now Miep hasn’t been to see us!And today not a man has come to work. Therehasn’t been a sound in the building!" I have to pick up the ring
  • Mr. Dussel
  • After Mr.Dussel rush down stair the phone stop ringing
  • "No. I’ve told you, no. I’ll do nothingthat might let anyone know we’re in the building."
  • Mr. Frank
  • "Oh, I don’t mean you have to beOrthodox9. . . or believe in heaven and hell . I just mean somereligion . . . it doesn’t matter what. Just tobelieve in something!"
  • Anne and Peter is talking about their staues and religion, Peter think that the religion caused all these happen
  • "I wish you had a religion, Peter."
  • "That’s fine! But when I begin to think,I get mad! Look at us, hiding out for two years.Not able to move! Caught here like . . . waitingfor them to come and get us . . . and all for what?"
  • "No, thanks! Not me!"
  • "Auf machen! Da drinnen! Aufmachen! Schnell! Schnell! Schnell! etc., etc."
  • Open up! Inside there! Open up! Quick! Quick! Quick! Men coming up from down
  • The men allowed them 5 minutes to pack up
  • dear Diary I must leave you behind. Good-bye for awhile. P.S. Please, please, Miep, or Mr. Kraler, oranyone else. If you should find this diary, will youplease keep it safe for me,
  • Main room
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