Updated: 6/3/2020

Storyboard Description

this story is about two girls who are BFFs, they have known each other since they were in kindergarten. Their parents have known each other since they were in highschool. The best friends their names are: Kimora, and Alex. Kimora likes rock and roll, she plays the electric guitar, her favourite colors are red, blue and white. Alex is more of a girly girl she likes going to beauty pageants, her favourites colors are red, blue, pink, magenta, she wins most of the beauty pageants she attends.

Storyboard Text

  • This is my family, We live in . I come from a family of blond hairs. In the manor we stay at, people are really poor but I and my family are saving up for money to leave this manor and live as nobles, our king is so selfish and greedy that he makes people pay to be nobles but we r almost there. We own a small shop and if things go well by next month we would have enough money to be nobles. my mother thinks we should just be the people who we r rather than to think about being nobles. But dad and I said no. Because being a noble you get a lot of previleges and free things. I am the only child in my family and we own two dogs. The big black and broen dog's name is Chocolate while the white dog is called Vanilla. Every sundays we go to church, on mondays are the most bussiest. The king comes to the manor to look things over usually on saturdays. Welp I think thats enough explanation. My name is Kimora.
  • ok mommy! ill be back soon.
  • hey Kimora pls take this bag of coins and go buy dinner recipes
  • As I was on my way I met my long lost BFF. Her parents were super mad when they saw us hugging each other. My BFFs name is Elizabeth. Her mom used to like but since they became nobles her mother started hating poor peeps like i and my family. Her father does not support her m om but the father does whatever she wants bc he doesnt want her to be angry. Her mother basically controls her life. she makes her wear the things she hates, example if Elizabeth wants to wear breeches, her mom makes her to wear an itchy dress. But I told her that soon we would be together bc i and my parents are saving money to become nobles soon we will live in a house like theirs. Then her mom would be nicer to me and my family.