Jacobi Journey

Updated: 3/7/2021
Jacobi Journey

Storyboard Text

  • Jacobi's Science project
  • My science project is due in 8 days I have time to work on it and get it all done by then. I'm going to start it now to get a head start!
  • the project is due in 4 days now and I still haven't started it ... I have to do the 6 page lap report, the visual aide and a 3 min presentation video *sigh*okay okay I'll definitely start it tomorrow
  • Jacobi's main concern
  • Jacobi's Fixed Mindset
  • Rick is having that party tonight i should definitely go!! oh wait still have my project to do. Ill just tell my teacher im sick
  • Jacobi is a very happy and smart kid, he always gets good grades but loves to always hangout with friends
  • Jacobi's Choice
  • hey class this is ms.tina dont forget to finish up your projects this will count as 30% of your grade so you want to do your best on this
  • oh no guess no party for me i cant miss 30% of my grade its alot of my grade
  • Day 4 has came and even though there still time to do the project Jacobi has to remember there is a 6 page lab report, a visual aide, and a 3 minute video
  • Jacobi's goal for success
  • My grades are way more important than a party Good grades here i come! even if i have to stay up all night
  • Jacobi has been invited to his bff big birthday bash , he knows he cant miss his best pals birthday his mind is made up that he's going foreshore
  • Jacobi's growth mindset paid off
  • A+ Jacobi your project was perfect you must have really took your time on this!
  • Jacobi knows his grade is more important than the party, because he knows he cant fail this science project. School work first fun later
  • Jacobi's project is due tomorrow and its crunch time. even though he got a late start he'll do whatever it takes to get it done on time.
  • Jacobi's great choice on not attending the party and handling his main priority first rewarded him with a A+ grade!
  • Jacobi A+