Act 3 MAAN

Updated: 6/19/2020
Act 3 MAAN

Storyboard Text

  • Margaret, you must tell beatrice that we are talking about her in the orchard and tell her to hide in the grden if she wants to hear us
  • of course, i will not let you down
  • yes i heard that benedick is head over heels in love with beatrice
  • *gasps* is this really true if so i will fight to give my love back to Benedick
  • its such a shame she is too proud and full of hate for him
  • claudio! since you are getting married tomorrow i thought id say now that hero is disloyal
  • if i see anything like that tonight i will shame her infront of everyone
  • conrade, as a drunk person i am telling you that Don John paid me 1000 ducats to kiss margaret pretending that it was hero so che and cluadio could not get married.