girl part2
Updated: 12/2/2020
girl part2

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  • Scene One
  • Scene Two
  • I wonder who this could be?
  • BigMGarry26:U look well nice. Ur pics r well nice u wanna b friendz?
  • Scene Three
  • BigMGarry26: Wanna meet up b?JSmith64: I don't know.. we aren't m8s..BigMGarry26: We r friends!! I'll be at da park near urs.
  • Jade has just come back from school and is online talking to her friends, she is happy and then she gets a friend request.
  • Scene Four
  • She gets a friend request from a random man, and decides to accept. She is very curious and skeptical about this man. The two start talking a lot, and she is happy to have a new friend.
  • Scene 5
  • It's me, Michael's dad from online. Come to my car I'll take you to my house.
  • She continues to speak and he asks to meet up, she was not very comfortable with this but he talked her into it and made her comfortable.
  • Scene 6
  • Please don't do that again, It's not safe.
  • She decides to go to the park and to wait for him, he is waiting but she can't recognise him. No boy looks like the pictures and she is scared.
  • He comes up to her and she knows something is really wrong. She begins to worry. He grabs her by the arm and tries to take her away.
  • Luckily, her sisters friends' mum was at the park and got her away and safe, and Jade realised why she shouldn't talk to strangers.