Henri the bourgeois
Updated: 3/3/2020
Henri the bourgeois

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  • Monday 4th May 1789 king Louis XVI, his court and representatives of the Estates-General sat in a church service. the bishop preached a sermon calling for the king. they wanted to improve the way France was governed. by the end the King was smiling in the way that gave people hope that things were going to change.
  • the king was short on money so he decided to fire his finance minister and replaced him with a Swiss banker. he still borrowed money. he wanted to avoid the rich paying more taxes. after he resigned the government were short of money. the then thought the rich should pay the most.
  • they had to call a meeting between the three states which had not happened since 1614. this was because this was the only way to get the agreement for the new taxes. threee days before the opening 1,201 people showed up to the gathering.
  • Saturday 2nd May the king had a meeting with all the representatives from third estate but he had only spoke to an old man this lead the rest of the people to be unimpressed because did they really think he was going to listen to them?
  • the third estate made the revolution because they paid the most taxes. however they had no say in what happened so they started demanding things.
  • the king didn't accept their commands so they decided to change their name to national assembly and they all moved into a tennis court until the king agreed.
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