Acids and Bases
Updated: 11/8/2018
Acids and Bases
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a storyboard about students learning about acids and bases

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  • Today my class learned about acids and bases .
  • Mrs. Lora also taught us about neutralization.
  • Before the end of class Mrs. Lora told us that acids and bases are used in household items
  • Mrs. Lora taught our class that an acid tastes sour,reacts with metals,and turns blue litmus paper red . She also taught us that a base tastes bitter, feels slippery, and turns red litmus paper blue .
  • Neutralization is the result of an acid base reaction. An acid base reaction is what happens when you mix and acid and a base together. The color is usually white or purple depending on the acid or base.
  • Acids are used in foods , seasonings, and fertilizers. Bases are used in soap, paper,and cement.
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