Updated: 7/20/2020
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  • Thomas and Jacob are invited by their friend, Josh, to attend a party with a lot of cool kids in their grade level. Thomas and Jacob accept.
  • Sure!
  • Yo, come to my party tonight. A lot of cool kids will be there!
  • Upon arrival, Thomas and Jacob are greeted and are taken inside to party with their peers.
  • What's Up! Come inside and let's have some fun!
  • Um, sure.
  • During the party, the cool kids ask Thomas and Jacob if they want to help them vandalize school property and spray paint the walls. Jacob refuses the offer, but Thomas agrees because of negative peer pressure
  • No, I would rather go home.
  • Wanna help us vandalize the school? It is going to be super cool.
  • Thomas and the rest of the cool kids vandalize the school, drawing shapes using markers and spray paint. Thomas did not know how to handle peer pressure and was not able to make a good decision. As a result, Thomas has committed vandalism.
  • On the other hand, Jacob has decided to go home and not vandalize the school. Jacob knew that it was negative peer pressure and decided that it was best to avoid the situation and refuse the offer. Jacob also was able to make a wise decision using the decision making process.
  • In both scenarios, both individuals did not want to make a poor decision. However, Thomas could not handle peer pressure and was not able to evaluate his decision and use the decision making process. Jacob was able to avoid negative peer pressure and use the decision making process to evaluate the consequences of each option.
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