The Broken Blade
Updated: 2/26/2020
The Broken Blade

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  • Sweet mother of god!
  • AAaAaahhhhh
  • La Londe
  • While I was sleeping, my father cut his finger with the ax. I felt so bad he said I would take his fathers place as a voyageur. I would be willing to leave behind his family , school friends ,and all his duties at home and start making money.
  • I left St. Annes leaving a donation. I got on the water and got along with most of my crew members. My muscles are sore and my blisters hurt but I will get used to it once I get used to paddling. I miss my family but i know we needed to get money somehow.
  • While we were getting fast, La Londe fell out and drowned. Bellgared said ''for no man whats still alive".I tried blinking back my tears.We headed to the rapids and everyone was having a great time but not me.I was terrified and it was just the beginning.It was very fast and wet. Water rushed over me.
  • We just reached Lake Superior. It was pretty difficult getting across. All I could think about was how much I missed home. Wondering how my family was and how Celest was. My paddle was rushing against the water and water came rushing towards us.
  • We have reached the rendezvous! I can't believe we travled this far. I have not been this far from home ever! It's so interesting here! There are so many people. I can't wait to tell my family all the stories I have once I get home!