The Primates Guide to Evolution
Updated: 12/2/2020
The Primates Guide to Evolution

Storyboard Description

Jillian and Greg are the main characters. Jillian is human while Greg is an ape. They will teach you about natural selection by using their own species; occasionally bringing in friends to help explain different things. It will be Jillian's thoughts you see at the top. They won't talk about anything in any particular order.

Storyboard Text

  • I'm human while Greg is an ape. We have more in common than people think. For example we share a common ancestor.
  • Hi, I'm Jillian.
  • Hi, I'm Greg.
  • A biped is an animal who walks upright. Primates generaly have larger brains than other animals. The larger brain was an adaptation that primates developed to help them survive in the wild. Bipedalism is an adaptation that sets humans like me apart from other primates.
  • I am a biped.
  • We have big brains.
  • There are different types of adaptations; structural, behavioral and functional. The adaptations that Greg and I mentioned are structural. There are also two special kind of adaptations called camouflage and mimicry. My pet, Jeremy can camouflage or blend in with his surroundings, and Greg's friend Lily is a Viceroy butterfly; she looks very similar to a Monarch butterfly. That is called mimicry.
  • This is my pet gecko Jeremy.
  • Hi, I'm Lily, Greg's friend.
  • Greg and his sister are very different. So are Maddie and I, but we are of the same species. This is what we call genetic diversity. It is due to some genetic mutations/variations. For example, Maddie has colored skin while I'm pale, and Greg's fur is black while Tae's is grey. These are examples of genetic mutations/variations.
  • Hi, I'm Maddie. I'm Jillian's friend.
  • Hi, I'm Tae. I'm Greg's sister.
  • Soon the mutation becomes an adaptation which helps the species survive in their enviorment. The scientist Charles Darwin came up with the idea of natural selection/survival of the fittest. Darwin came up with the idea while he was studying the animals of the Galapagos Islands. He realized that you could tell which tortosise came from which island just by the shell. However, it wasn't until studying the finches that he had his "aha" moment.
  • Even though Greg and I are both primates I stand on two limbs while he stands on four. This is likely because our species had/have different needs for our limbs. Our anscetors likely developed these adaptations through natural selection/survival of the fittest. Natural selection/ survival of the fittest means whichever organisms are the strongest live on, while the weakest die off. The organisms with helpful genetic mutations/variations are able to survive longer and pass the genetic mutation/variation to their offspring; who passes it to their offspring and so on and so on.
  • My legs are stronger than my arms, because I need my legs to stay upright.
  • My arms and legs are equally strong, because I walk on four limbs.
  • A Primate's Guide to Evolution By: Kayla Timas