The Group
Updated: 5/24/2020
The Group

Storyboard Description

A little while ago, my peers kicked me out because I talk about my problems and they all hated me. They were cornering me and attacking me, Gabe screamed his head out at me. I was so mad at them, I went through depression and couldn't stop crying about it, I even starved myself on the next day. They wouldn't apologize and they all hate me, I ended up feeling lonely. But now if that group says they are sorry and tries to be involved with me, I'll kick them out just like how they did it to me. I don't care about them, I hate them. They are like my stepbrothers from Cinderella or should I say Cindzara.

Storyboard Text

  • We just don't f*** want you here so can you please leave because we don't like you!!!
  • Uh Zara we kinda don't want you here..
  • I've been annoyed with you, so yeah I do have a problem with you.
  • What did I ever do to them.. I hate them..I have no friends now, I'm going to starve myself!
  • 3 months later...
  • I want revenge from that group, but I forgive and I hate them, if they ever try to be involved, I'll kick them out. I'm going to start a new beginning.