Garner Cellular Respiration Berman
Updated: 1/27/2021
Garner Cellular Respiration Berman

Storyboard Text

  • One day, there was a softball scrimmage game. The team was made up of 6 players named the Glucose Gators. The coaches were Phoebe (Photo) and Sydney (Synthesis).
  • The game was taken place at Cytoplasm Field. It's a very famous field to play on. The umpire in charge of the scrimmage was Glycolysis.
  • When the Glucose Gators started the game they immediately had to split apart by the umpire Glycolysis. The 6 players split up into 2 groups of 3. Each group had a new name. The first group was Pyruvate 1 and the second group was Pyruvate 2. This made the 2 teams make ATP (energy).