Key Inventors and Innovators
Updated: 1/28/2020
Key Inventors and Innovators
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  • Hi! I'm Issac Newton
  • The bus doesn't get here for another 15 minutes so I'll introduce myself, I'm Louis Pasteur
  • 15 Mins Later....
  • 1. Oh! Looks like we might have a crowded bus tonight! Haha, Hi, I'm Marie Curie
  • Nice to meet you guys! I'm Louis
  • Hey guys! I'm Issac Newton
  • I'm Robert Boyle!
  • So what do you guys do? I just recently discovered this thing called gravity! I think it will be a great explanation of all objects in the future.
  • WOW!!
  • That's awesome Issac! After a few arguments, I have discovered earth's 4 main elements; water, fire, air and earth!
  • That's great! I just identified this thing called radioactivity and I see it being a lot of medical help in the future!
  • Well, me, on the other hand, I've discovered that heat kills bacteria and have proved germs in the air cause bacteria
  • Woah!
  • Well, I think all of our ideas will transform our society by helping out people and teaching them how the world works.
  • I agree!
  • The scientific revolution is a big change in thoughts and science because of new discoveries. The scientific revolution is like the renaissance thinking because we brought new ideas and discoveries into more difficult times!
  • I agree, however, this is a little risky because people could believe we're crazy or not be ready to accept facts
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