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Updated: 3/29/2019
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  • I have come a very long way, to tell you something about your husband
  • You know my Husband?????
  • "King Odysseuss... He was wearing a heavy woolen cape" (pg. 399-400) "I have heard that Odysseus now, at last, is on his way" (pg 399)
  • How do you know this?
  • "And so the man is safe, as you can see, and he is coming home, he is close at hand" (pg. 400)
  • "Odysseus, I tell you is never coming back" (pg.400)
  • Odysseus returns home but is not in the shape of Odysseus. He appears to be a a dirty street rat on the outside
  • reared him, took him into her arms the day hisn mother bore him-frail as the woman is, she will wash your feet" (pg. 401-402)
  • With everything you have done for me, I offer you food and a home. "I have such an old women, who carefully tended my unlucky husband,
  • Thank you
  • The street rat (Odysseus) describes Odysseus to Penelope, so she would believe him about knowing Odysseus
  • "Bending closer she started to bathe her master...then, in a flash, she knew the scar" (pg403)
  • Please do not tell anyone that I am Odysseus
  • The street rat tells Penelope that Odysseus is coming home soon, but Penelope does not believe this
  • My young Odyssees of course Penelope will realize you are her true love
  • I am determined that fate exists and my Penelope will realize that I am Odysseus
  • Penelope thanks the rugged man for everything he has done and offers him a bed to sleep in and some food. She also has Odysseus' care taker wash his feet.
  • While the maid is washing his feet, she notices a scar on the mans foot. It is the same exact scar that Odysseus had gotten from his hunting trip years back.
  • "Yes,yes! you are odysseus- oh dear boy- I couldn't know you before... not till I touched the body of my king!" (pg.405)
  • Odysseus makes the maid keep her mouth shut because he wants Penelope to realize who he is through love and fate
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