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Updated: 2/5/2020
Eye Witness Book Hotread
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  • What is evolution?
  • Evolution is the process by which different kinds of living organisms have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth.
  • This is how we have evolved,as you can see we started as little cells then over a long period of time,evoved into monkeys,then apes,then humans.
  • Over time,these species have then grown in population size and have diversed
  • Title:Evolution
  • Genre:Informational Non-Fiction
  • Page Count:70
  • Author: Linda Gamlin
  • Summary:
  • Word Gap:
  • The Word Gap that I found in my book is the word,Isolating Mechanism.I found it in a sentence that states,"For the parents,producing a hybrid is a waste of time and energy,so it pays them to recognize their own species.They do so using signals such as smell,sound,color,or behavior.These signals,which keep species apart,are called "isolating mechanisms." by using clues in the texts I figured isolating mechanisms means mechanisms that keep two different species isolated from each other.This is technical talk for experts because not many people will understand what isolating mechanisms means except for experts.
  • This book was a book about (well obviously) evolution.This book talked a lot about the theory of Natural Selection and how it revolutionized our understanding of the world.It talked about scientists like Charles Darwin and how other scientists made discoveries about evolution.It taught how Darwin developed his theory and it shows pictures of physical evidence that shows evolution.It also taught how living things continue to evolve and adapt.Finally it talked about the history of evolution and the history of learning about evolution.
  • This book really connects to another book I read that is also titled evolution.Both of the books went over the history of our understanding of evolution.Both of them showed images that are examples of evolution.Both books even went over the actually history of where humans originated from.They both even went over the same history of evolution from the start of life 4.5 Billion years ago to modern time where humans have evolved and adapted and became what we are now.
  • In my opinion,this was a very good book that thoroughly explains evolution.There are many things this book taught me about evolution.It explained the theory of evolution and how it came to be.It taught the history of humans understanding of evolution.It taught about scientists and what they thought about evolution.It taught the history of evolution itself.It even showed and taught examples of evolution.For example:It taught me that during the industrial revolution,soot covered the white trees and all white butterflies were wiped out.Meanwhile,all the black butterflies survived and many of the butterflies evolved for their wings to be that color.So overall this was an amazing book that I would really recommend
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