Updated: 2/18/2020

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  • Philosophy
  • I just want everyone to be honest and fair!
  • How do you want to rule this country?
  • Inventions
  • An umbrella!
  • What did you create there son?
  • Dynasty
  • Keep building this road!
  • Can we have something to drink?
  • We're working.
  • Of course he does.
  • Confusism is when the leader leads by exaple, and the emperor wants to have a peaceful society. Also in this society "don't do to others, what you would not want done to you.
  • Abominations
  • We're plotting rebellion against the emperor.
  • The umbrella was invented in Lu Ban, around 3,500 years ago. Also children inspired the design by using lotus leaves to keep dry from rain.
  • Dynasty #2
  • The seismograph just dropped a ball!!!!!
  • The Q'in bulit a huge road system. 400 people were burried alive for disagreeing with the emporer. They also built part of the great wall, they created a money system, and they brought people of china together.
  • Plotting against a leader or parent is plotting a rebellion, which is an abomination. This is a rule that was in China's legal system around 1000 B.C, & the 10 abominations lasted through the wars of the dynasties.
  • Hey. What are you guys doing here?
  • The Han dynasty's population grew in size over the time that they ruled. In this dynasty woman had some rights but still not as many as men. They were the first dynasty to use negative numbers in math. Also they opened a silk road that connected Europe to Asia, and the seismogrpah was invented in this dynatsy.