Updated: 2/17/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Product
  • I get how you feel. There is clearly a disconnect between patients and doctors.
  • I always help patients get better, but I never get to see them leave feeling better.
  • Peer vs. Peer
  • I hope Karen prescribes the wrong medicine so she gets fired and I can take her spot!
  • Human Nature
  • I feel like my mental needs are not met with this job. I have become a doctor instead of a human that's a doctor!
  • Activity
  • All I do is prescribe medicine and help patients. Everyday is the same thing!
  • False Consciousness
  • I'm not payed enough for this!
  • I have lost all enjoyment from my job!
  • I've worked here for 4 years, and all for what?
  • Class Consciousness
  • Where is my freedom? Why do I have to waste my life at a job I don't enjoy!