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gilgamesh comic book
Updated: 9/28/2020
gilgamesh comic book
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  • Gilgamesh is not a very good ruler of his kingdom. His subjects pray to the gods to help them. The gods create Enkidu- a man who is strong enough to stand up to Gilgamesh. ( tablet 1)
  • please stop taking all our gold
  • we are starving
  • Gilgamesh and Enkidu wrestle and then become friends. Gilgamesh convinces Enkidu to o with him to the cedar forest, to kill the monster Humbaba. ( tablet 2)
  • Lets kill the monster Humbaba
  • i dont know if its a good idea. but ill go if you go
  • The gods kill Enkidu as punishment for killing the bull of heaven. Gilgamesh is devastated and decides to find the secret to immortality. So, he seeks out Utanapishtim. (tablet 8)
  • Gilgamesh meets Urshanabi, the ferry man, who takes him to Utanapishtim. he tells Gilgamesh to go a week with out sleeping to prove he is worthy of being a god. Giga mesh cant do it. (tablet 11)
  • Can you make me a god?
  • yes, but you cant sleep of a week.
  • Gilgamesh goes to the bottom of a water hole to find a plant that you utanapishtom told him would keep him young. ( tablet 11)
  • A snake steals the plant of youth and Gilgamesh cries because he realizes that he cant become immortal. (tablet 12)
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