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Science 1
Updated: 5/4/2020
Science 1
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  • Ugh, I don't understand a thing about substances! What an I going to do about the test?
  • Don't worry! Its just about solids, liquids and gases right? I can help you revise.
  • Thanks that would help a lot!
  • Let's start with the easiest substance, solid. Solids are everywhere, you can't escape from it! Everything from your coffee cup to the school building is a solid.
  • The atoms inside a solid are closely packed and contain the least amount of kinetic energy out of all of the states of matter.
  • Okay, but what about liquid?
  • Well liquids are easy, for example your coffee is a liquid. The atoms are Liquids can fill any shape or container that it's put in, for example a cup. If you put a solid block in a cup, the block wouldn't take the same shape, would it?
  • You're right! What about gas?
  • Gas is made up of individual atoms. One example of gas is air, it's everywhere! Some gases can float up or sink down. If you put gas in a container, it will take up all of the space, unlike how a liquid would just stay on the bottom.
  • Okay, I think I understand, Solids will stay in its original form, while liquids would take the shape of the container, and gases would fill the container.
  • Wait! I have a cool experiment that you ca do! Have you ever heard of a non-Newtonian fluid?
  • No, what is that? Is it some sort of liquid?
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