Medea 2 - Giana Denise Perez

Updated: 10/6/2021
Medea 2 - Giana Denise Perez

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  • I am eager to grant this favor to you. When you arrive, I'll treat you justly, try to shelter you. I will not give you up to anyone but you must leave this land all by yourself.
  • Have pity on me, I beg you, to receive me in your home. If you do it, may the gods grant your desire for children.
  • I'll tell you what my plans are. When Jason comes, I'll say that I agree with him. I will plead to let my children stay here, I'll send them to her, bearing gifts in hand. Then I will kill my children to wound my husband the most deeply.
  • And to make yourself the most miserable of women.
  • I approve your new approach. After all you've recognized the winning plan and don't worry I'll take good care of the children.
  • robe and garland
  • Please forgive the things I said, I wasn't thinking straight. My rage has gone away. I will leave this land, go into exile, but you must raise your children. Ask Creon that they may be exempted from exile. Also, I'll lend you my support, I'll send her gifts. The children will bear them.
  • They were poisoned by the robe that Medea gave as a gift.
  • robe and garland
  • The children got back from the castle and went inside the house, Medea killed them afterwards.
  • You have destroyed me and left me childless! Get out of here, you filth! For me, all that's left is tears for my misfortune, I wish I could hold and kiss my children.
  • Why are you trying to pry these gates? Is it their corpses you seek, and me the prepetrator? Speak your mind.