bobs story
Updated: 3/4/2021
bobs story

Storyboard Text

  • bob the gamer is telling joey is personal information and trying to play together.
  • ps : my password is 1n2n3n4n5
  • ok ill see if i can install the game on my browser and type it in the frenid list
  • but what bob did not know is that joey is a haker trying to cyber bully him
  • finally i got the info to cyber bully him in clash of animals
  • bob has school off today so he is going to make his gamer youtube video till he relizes he has nothing on any of his accounts
  • why lord whyyyyyy!!!
  • Bob explained the situation to mom and mom will try to help stop this cyber bully she also asks if you shared any personal info.
  • Mom! my account got hacked!!
  • oh honey i'm sorry that happened ill try to see what i can do
  • JOEY!! get down here now,need to talk.
  • bobs mom called joeys and told her what happened and joey's mom emhizied how mean and not nice it was to do what he did
  • how did she know!!!!!
  • Bob is vey happy all his info is back to him he never belived one mistake could have ruind one of bthe best things on earth video games
  • its on thaks so much mom