2 step equations
Updated: 5/20/2020
2  step equations

Storyboard Description

At a restaurant cant decide on a Price. Needs customers help.

Storyboard Text

  • um ma'm your scaring me anyway that is going to be 89 dollars
  • HI my names bob. I'm your server today
  • Ok calm down Britney we are ordering now. We will take 2 pancake meals.and 2 waters
  • Yeah your right he did seem kinda dumb.the equation would be 2X+8=48 since we ordered 2 pancake meals. And the tax is 8 dollars
  • *30 minutes later*
  • That was great but that dude inst the brightest so maybe we should make sure this bill is right. If its right the equation will equal 48.
  • The first step would be to subtract 8 to cancel out the plus 8. Then 48-8 witch equals 40
  • OMG. its the number 1 rule. What you do to one side you have to do to the other.
  • I'm incredibly confused. Like really confused.*like what is this crazy lady talking about*
  • OK the next step is to do the opposite of 2X witch is divide by 2 and what you do to one side you must do the other
  • Oh so now the new equation is 2x=40. Now whats next susan
  • yep so that means each meal is 20 dollars plus the 8 dollars tax he said the cost was 89 dollars. That's a whole dollar.
  • oh I see see 40 divided by 2 is 20 2X divided by 2 is just x
  • wait when did you call me dumb
  • I think you forgot to add the waters miss.
  • oh yeah sorry for calling you dumb
  • I'm definetly not sorry
  • you counted our bill wrong we did the math. its supposed to be 48 dollars not 49. Gosh