Updated: 10/7/2021

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  • Hey Taylor, do you want to know what we have tackled today in our UCSP class today?
  • Sure Miley, will you please share what you have learned?
  • Really? I heard about that too, like how our modes of transportation evolved throughout eras, from strolling around town riding simple bikes and now we have different sports cars from different companies.
  • Well first of all, we talked about how much progress as a society were we able to achieve just in the span of a century!
  • Yeah, you are right, I can clearly recognize to what era certain people belong to just by looking at their clothes and even the quality of the cameras used to take their images!
  • That's right! And also, besides that it can also be observed by our fashion outfits that have also continuously changed throughout the years!
  • Umm, as much as I'd love to live in the past, there are too many things here in the present day that I can't be living without anymore, just like the internet connection and the smartphones that we currently use.
  • Well, if you were to pick a past era to live in, which era would you rather spend your life on?
  • Well we lived in different eras, so I think they also had their own share of fun in the way they know it as much as we had our own, the way we know it too.
  • Me too, I don't even think I can survive a day anymore without my phone in my hand or even the internet connection! I don't know how the people in the past were able to live without these technologies.
  • I guess you're right, how foolish of me to think of that., hahaha. Well I guess this is where we should stop this conversation, would you like to just watch the newest music video of my idols in Youtube with me?
  • Okay! I'll prepare the food in the kitchen and you prepare the television! I'm so excited!
  • Sure! I'd love to! maybe we should also set up the tv so we can watch in the bigger screen and maybe prepare something to eat while watching!