Updated: 5/8/2020

Storyboard Description


Storyboard Text

  • i'll make it look nice
  • Teamwork
  • group projects
  • i'm gonna be 'that guy' and not do anything
  • i'll do the text and images
  • Communication
  • oh my god bro hurry up
  • sir please you've been here for half an hour we dont carry vodka.
  • могу я получить водку товарищ?
  • supermarket
  • Problem-Solving
  • wait which way do we go?
  • أعتقد أنه مستقيم
  • i think to the right
  • I use teamwork in group projects or generally just doing important things with other people. It would be invaluable in the workforce to help me do things with others
  • Communication is very useful in getting your ideas across to others. It can be useful talking to customers in customer service, negotiating with your boss for a raise, or general workplace chit-chat.
  • Problem-solving is useful in the workforce for getting problems fixed or tasks accomplished. From choosing the right tool for the job or how to finish your task in the shortest amount of time, problem-solving is invaluable.