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Updated: 3/15/2021
Unknown Story

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  • It's all set love, we'll just wait for that day to come.
  • Okay then, I'll tell it to others
  • M A R C H 2 5 2 0 2 1
  • A reservation for Ms. Molther please
  • Here it is Ms. Molther, room 327. and wait for our bellboy to assist you. Thank you
  • yes ms. I'll be handing you your cards, wait for a second.
  • Happy birthday Stacie, let's not waste our time standing here, let's go and have some fun!
  • thank you, I think we can carry this inside.
  • Now it's all set, let's enjoy our day and night here. Happy birthday love.
  • Okay then Ma'am if that's the case, I'll go and if ever you need an assist or anything, call the lobby and they'll help you. Thank you and enjoy your stay.
  • M A R C H 2 6 2 0 2 1
  • Wait for the bell boy, I already call for an assist. I'll go to the lobby and bill out
  • Will do Ms. Molther, kindly give me a sec... Here is your bill.
  • Here, Thank you.
  • Reservation for Ms. Molther, I'm here to pay the bill
  • time for work 
  • I agree, it's fun. Let's go.
  • Let's go, our overnight here is worth it
  • Thank you everyone, love