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The Rock Cycle
Updated: 11/12/2019
The Rock Cycle
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  • Some rocks come from volcanos. The MAGMA and LAVA takes the rocks through cooling and SOLIDIFICATION, and they become IGNEOUS ROCKS.
  • Sediments
  • Then when WEATHERING and EROSION occur, IGNEOUS ROCKS turn into sediments that go through COMPACTION and CEMENTATION on the ocean floor and become SEDIMENTARY ROCKS.
  • When an intense amount of HEAT and PRESSURE happens, the IGNEOUS and SEDIMENTARY ROCKS become METAMORPHIC ROCKS.
  • The Rock Cycle
  • When WEATHERING and EROSION happen, IGNEOUS and METAMORPHIC ROCKS become sediments.
  • METAMORPHIC and SEDIMENTARY ROCKS go through MELTING and become MAGMA. And the whole Rock Cycle starts over again.
  • The Rock Cycle shows how each rock is formed. There are many different ways to get IGNEOUS, SEDIMENTARY, and METAMORPHIC ROCKS.
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