pe 2
Updated: 2/9/2021
pe 2

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  • So, should I overwork myself to see the results faster?
  • You should also increase the amount of physical activity or exercise to see changes in your fitness level.
  • ... which is also known as the "FITT Principle."
  • Of course not. You should have a correct dosage of exercise.
  • It could be times a week, daily, or once a month.
  • This refers to how often you involve yourself in regular physical activity.
  • F is for Frequency.
  • I is for Intensity.
  • It refers to how hard you should exercise or the level of difficulty of your physical activity.
  • It could be light, moderate, vigorous, 5 kilograms of weight, or 5 kilometers.
  • The first T is for Time.
  • It could be 5 repetitions/times, 3 sets, 50 seconds, 10 minutes, or 1 hour.
  • It refers to how long you should engage in a specific physical activity.
  • It refers to the kind of exercise or physical activity you should engage in.
  • And the last T is for Type.
  • Just don't forget to rest in between different types of exercise because we must allot time for recovery.
  • It could be walking, jogging, squats, jumping, gliding, or dancing.