online empathy comicstrip
Updated: 11/4/2020
online empathy comicstrip

Storyboard Text

  • Haseenah's house
  • Hi!
  • How r u?
  • bad!
  • Hi.
  • Now leave me alone!
  • Haseenah's house
  • Why was Leyla being so mean?
  • Leyla's backyard
  • just apoligize and everything will be okay!
  • I was so mean to Haseenah!I just had a bad day
  • Haseenah and Leyla are best friends. One day they have a conflict, like all friends.
  • Later
  • Sorry for being so mean, earlier....I just had a bad day!
  • Haseenah is upset and confused.
  • Leyla, meanwhile, was feeling guilty that she was so mean.
  • .................
  • Leyla video calls Haseenah to apoligize.
  • The conflict is solved!
  • It's okay, everyone has bad days!
  • And now they are friends again!
  • .................