The Black Death
Updated: 5/18/2020
The Black Death

Storyboard Text

  • Oh no, they increased! And I see they have more symptons, like buboes in armpits
  • Where are the herbs?
  • " Cough"
  • It's getting late lets go to bed now and go examine them tomorrow
  • HMMMM... What sickness or disease might does people have?
  • fellow peasants, knights, and lord... I announce a new disease that has come to our city, the black death, and I have found a cure, you can buy some herbs from my store to help you.
  • I need to get up and visit the peasants, they need my help, they're sick!
  • This must be a new disease, I'm going to call it... The black death
  • *cough*help*cough*
  • Doctor, help me I'm really sick! *vomits*
  • I think I found it!!!It's because of the bad smells! Hmmmm... I know a bottle of herbs is going to help