western killer
Updated: 3/12/2020
western killer

Storyboard Text

  • Yes!
  • Oh my beautiful Jeanette will you marry me?
  • Bennet I cant do this right now I actually have a date with my other lover
  • How dare you marry him! I can give you more then what he can
  • Fast forward to murder scene
  • AHHH There has been a murder someone call the cops!!!
  • Hey I know the victim. Shes known to have multiple affairs
  • There's like no evidence here I'll go talk to the husband
  • Maybe one of her lovers did it maybe even her husband
  • I didn't hurt her I still wanted to marry her go talk to her crazy ex.
  • Did you kill your wife because you knew about the affairs?
  • Did you kill her because you were so obsessed?
  • I would've never hurt her she was and still is the LOML