History Project
Updated: 1/24/2020
History Project
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  • I am Isaac Newton, the man who discovered gravity. In the future, people will understand the fact that what goes up will come down. This will be learned in every science class going forward!
  • I am Louis Pasteur the creator or Vaccines and Pasteurization. Vaccines used to kill off diseases and sicknesses in the future along with pasteurization which was used to kill microbes and preserve certain products like beer, milk, and other goods. I was also a biologist and microbiologist.
  • Ahhh, the classroom. I am Robert Boyle, the father of Chemistry. I was the first scientist to perform and record an experiment. Chemistry applies to our every day life, even within school, medicine, or your own body.
  • I am Marie Curie, the first woman to get the Noel Prize twice. I was a Physic and Chemist. I am famous for the discovery of radium. How this helped the future is because I invented a way to sterilize infected tissue using radium by means of hollow needles containing radioactive gas.I also set up radiology centers to assist military doctors at field hospitals, and developed mobile radio logical units, then popularly known as 'petites Curies'
  • 1. The way an idea transforms a society s that it can gives us access to new technology, new experiences, and knew knowledge.2.The risks of accepting a new idea is that it can either make or break the world we live in. We can either choose to use it right r we can have it kill us in some way.
  • 3.Scientific revolution changes our though because we'll learn how our bodies work at a microscopic level, and science itself will be altered with all the new discoveries hat have been recorded.
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