Staying safe online
Updated: 12/6/2020
Staying safe online

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  • 0 Friends Currently Online
  • Scene 1-At home
  • fortnite
  • Friend request from Iluvfortnite96
  • Scene 2-At home
  • Iluvfortnite96
  • Iluvfortnite96
  • Scene 3-At home
  • Jimmy-MUM CAN I GO ON MY PC PLEASEMum-Sure but not for too long!Jimmy-(PC turns on) I think I'm going to play some Fortnite todayJImmy-Shame all my friends are groundedJimmy-Oh a friend request. Might as well accept it
  • Scene 4-On discord
  • Jimmy-(Rage quits)Jimmy-(Checks messages)Stranger-HiJimmy-Hello!Stranger-Ur good at fortniteJimmy-Thanks
  • Scene 5-At the park
  • Iluvfortnite96
  • Stranger-What's ur name?Jimmy-My mu said not to tell people my nameStranger-I'll tell u mineJimmy-OK my name is JimmyStranger-Mine too!Stranger-Wow what a coincidence!Boy-Let's add each other on discord!(adds each other)
  • Scene 6-At home
  • Report
  • Block
  • Stranger-Wagwan JimmyJimmy-WagwanStranger-Let's meet up sometimeJimmy-OK I'm free next week walking my dogStranger-OK I'll send u the location(sends)
  • Boy-Bye Mum I'll go walk the dogMum-Don't come home too late!(arrives)Stranger-Hi Jimmy!Jimmy-Who are u?Stranger-I'm Jimmy your online friendJimmy-(Runs home) AHHHH
  • Mum-What's wrong Jimmy?Jimmy-(tells what he's done)Mum-That's very bad so we should block and report himJimmy-Ok