Bondi Beacgh Pt.2

Updated: 9/10/2021
Bondi Beacgh Pt.2

Storyboard Text

  • He joins his mother and every week they pick up the rubbish together for hours on end.
  • Charlie’s mother was very surprised when all these people turned up at her house so excited to help out!
  • Sometimes people join into help and sometimes people give them nasty looks. This doesn’t bother Charlie because he knows what he’s doing is right.
  • Slowly the beach starts to look a lot better, but Charlie knows it isn’t enough to save the animals in the ocean and the birds on the land. He asks all his friends to helpand tells them “If you come and help, we can save all the animals in Bondi and stop the Earth from becoming polluted”. This makes all of Charlie’s friends quiteeager to come and help.
  • They split up across the beach and slowly but surely the beach started to look itself again. The story of this amazing clean-up had made its way onto the news, and before long tons of people were joining in every Wednesday to clean up the beach!
  • And that is the story of Bondi Beach. Maybe you’ll be able to do something like that at your local beach!