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Vietnam lol
Updated: 5/5/2020
Vietnam lol
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  • I am Ho Chi Minh, and we need to bring north and south Vietnam together with communism!
  • I love communism
  • In 1959 Vietnam had been split into a communist region in the north, and a democratic region in the south.
  • The US must stop the spread of communism, or else the domino effect will happen!
  • The US went to war with Vietnam because they thought that if south Vietnam were to be taken by communism, nearby countries will fall into communism along with it.
  • One of our ships was attacked by a Vietnamese torpedo boat! We need to go to war!
  • US military offensives began to take place without a declaration of war. The US began bombing north Vietnam and taking multiple victories. Vietnam turned to guerilla warfare in the jungles of south Vietnam.
  • The Vietcong are wiping out south Vietnamese cities!
  • North Vietnam launched an unexpected strike known as the Tet offensive, which took South Vietnamese cities, and shook the american people back at home.
  • We need to start sending American troops home!
  • President Nixon Succeeds president Johnson. Nixon's pan was to build up the ARVN so they could fight the war themselves.
  • We are getting pulled out of the war! but the ARVN seems to be ineffective!
  • On January 27, 1974, a peace treaty was signed with Paris, ending the conflict. North Vietnam pushed through ARVN's forces with ease and captured Saigon, uniting the country under communism.
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