Halloween story

Updated: 10/29/2020
Halloween story

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  • One foggy morning I was walking to school but , then I realized that I was LATE I started running.
  • I got to class getting ready to take a quiz. Our teacher says “Ok everyone please take out a pencil.
  • As we were doing that our teacher was passing out the paper’s . “You may now begin.” Our teacher says . So I start my quiz and so far everything is going smooth until I get onto the last couple questions. It was really hard and I couldn't solve them.
  • I give up and start to side track and forget about my quiz. While I was distracted I was kind of gazing into nowhere. And the teacher saw me and said “ Are you cheating! That's detention.” and I tried to tell her but she wouldn’t listen.
  • It was after class and I had to head to detention for an hour. I was bored out of my mind. I was just staring at the window .
  • But then I see something outside the window I see my teacher leaving the school. I kept on looking that way then I saw her have a long pause , she looked around almost like she's checking if no one was near her.