Legend of Romulus and Remus
Updated: 11/14/2020
Legend of Romulus and Remus

Storyboard Text

  • *whisper to self* I don't want Rhea Silvia to grow up and have kids. I am going to lock her up.
  • Were are going to have two babies Mars.
  • I am so mad. I will put the babies in a basket and through them in a river. I will also put Rhea Silvia in prison. Hopefully that will take care of it!
  • This kind man right here is named Faustulus, raised the two of us with his wife. We also killed Amulius a few years ago.
  • Remus you should have listen to me when I told you the walls needed to be way taller! It is too late now, so you are dead.
  • This storm is so powerful! AHH!