The Adventures of Super Bob

Updated: 7/23/2020
The Adventures of Super Bob

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  • The Adventures of Super Bob
  • By: Ethan and Jory Harlan
  • 'The Beginning'
  • Bob Benfield was a normal teenage guy, until he was taken by evil doctors of the Wingad National Lab.
  • Sure!
  • Hello, I am Dr. William Wright. Would you like to get a free brain scan?
  • In the Lab...
  • Here, eat this.
  • So these scans make it look like your brain is malfunctioning. We will need to give you some radioactive therapy.
  • Um, okay?
  • Bob's radioactive therapy began...
  • Your therapy is over, you're free to go home.
  • But when it ended he woke up feeling weird.
  • This is weird.
  • Woah! I can lift this with my mind!! Those doctors must have given me powers!