Being Proactive
Updated: 2/6/2021
Being Proactive

Storyboard Text

  • Tia wants to fix her math grade!
  • Hey Mrs. Smith I was wondering if there is anything I can do to get my grade up
  • Yes Tia I can show you some assignments you can do!
  • Tom blames coach for his behavior!
  • Coach won't let me play because I am not bringing full energy. I would like to see him run
  • Well dude you can not blame anyone else but yourself
  • Elizabeth asks Destiny for help!
  • Hey Destiny can I talk to you about some stuff going on at home?
  • Of course! Do not feel pressured to share more then you want to okay.
  • Being proactive means taking responsibility for your life and reactive is blaming your reaction on others.
  • Olivia sees her mistake and fixes it!
  • Okay Olivia I am glad you can realize when you are wrong.
  • The victimitis virus is when a person tries to play the victim in every situation so that they do not have to acknowledge the fact that the situation is out of their hand or their fault.
  • When you are in a situation with abuse try to cope and not hold it in and if you want help others know that they are not alone during the fight.
  • A way to be proactive is to notice your mistake and do something about it instead of letting it be.
  • Mom I noticed that I was wrong and now I am ready for the punishment.