Oedipus the King – Jeric Flores 1
Updated: 9/10/2020
Oedipus the King – Jeric Flores 1

Storyboard Text

  • After the conversation with the old man, Creon heard of the accusations towards him and fought with Oedipus. Jocasta intervened between them both and said prophecies are useless because she think her husband died to strangers different from the prophecy because one of the survivors said so. Oedipus asked to bring the servant to him.
  • Don't worry, the prophecy won't come true because my former husband died at the hands of strangers on a 3 way crossroads said by a surviving servant.
  • A 3 way crossroads? There was a survivor?
  • Yes! The prophecy will not be fulfilled!
  • Out of breath, a messenger came to inform Oedipus that King Polybus died and Queen Merope is asking him to come back and rule. He was glad because he thought he escaped the prophecy of killing his father but was afraid of going back due to Merope still being alive and the prophecy.
  • My lord, your father, King Polybus has died!
  • Inquire no further!
  • The messenger laughed at the reason why Oedipus left because he said they were never blood related in the first place. A servant gave him the infant Oedipus to take to King Polybus and Queen Merope. Oedipus asked who is he and the messenger said he was the same servant who witnessed Laius' death. Jocasta looked wild but said with calm words that Oedipus did not understand and hopes he will never do. She ran into palace afterwards.
  • What?! Who is this servant?
  • Haha! You are not blood related to your parents though. A servant gave you to me to be delivered to the childless couple.
  • The servant came but when asked about the foundling child, he shouted to shut up. Oedipus was angry with the cold anger of fear and threatened him with torture to speak. Bitterly, the servant explained. Here, Oedipus came to a sudden realization about his situation.
  • I killed the man I wasn't supposed to kill and married the woman I wasn't supposed to marry.
  • I got you from Jocasta's own hands and gave you to the Messenger.
  • When he came to Jocasta's bedroom to confront her, he found her hanged. He stared bleakly at her then blinded himself from Jocasta's brooches.
  • Okay.
  • He was then exiled from the city but Antigone came to help him in fear he would be starved and die.
  • After that, Oedipus pleaded to be exiled from the city and Creon willingly agreed meaning he will now king instead of Oedipus.
  • Exile me from this city.