Maya Culture Comic Strip- Francesca Bosslett
Updated: 5/18/2020
Maya Culture Comic Strip- Francesca Bosslett

Storyboard Text

  • Due to the area being hilly, how will we farm?
  • Well, what does terrace farming look like?
  • In areas where its hilly, we use a technique called terrace farming.
  • How does terrace farming work?
  • This is an example of what terrace farming looks like. In the Maya culture, terrace farming is very impactful and irrigates the crops.
  • Terrace farming is simple. We dig into hills and create flat steps where we can plant rows of crops.
  • That farmer is checking over the crops to make sure steps are working effectively.
  • Yes, indeed. Not only did it irrigate the crops but it also allowed for effective drainage, collected sediment from the rivers, and kept soil fertiity.
  • Wow, terrace farming really played a significant role in the culture of Mayans.