Great Gatsby Pt1
Updated: 3/11/2020
Great Gatsby Pt1

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half of chapter7 storyboard

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  • I really think we should tell Tom about us. we could leave and make a new beginning
  • Gatsby and Daisy talk about leaving Tom behind and starting their own future.
  • I was thinking the same thing lets go tell him tomorrow, we can go to lunch.
  • listen here old sport, Daisy and I would like to have come with us for lunch. We're going to tell Tom about us so daisy and I can start our own life.
  • Gatsby tells Nick about his plan and asks him to join him and daisy to break the news to Tom
  • This is a terrible idea
  • I mean... I guess ill go.
  • That's a terrible idea. Why would we go to town?
  • Daisy is getting nervous about telling tom, so she asks to go to town. Tom is being his usual self and being rude to Daisy.
  • We should go to town.
  • Tom realizes the connection between Daisy and Gatsby. He tries to stop it by going to town.
  • Yea lets go Daisy can ride with me.
  • NOO!! Lets go to town it'll be a great time. Let me drive your car Gatsby.
  • Yea maybe your right. lets just stay.
  • I'm not dumb i see whats going on with her and Gatsby.
  • Tom, Jordan, and Nick all ride together to the hotel room in town in Gatsby's yellow car stopping at the George Wilson's gas station.
  • Oh no
  • Everyone is at the hotel room. Tensions are high as they discuss Daisy's love for Gatsby.
  • Daisy doesn't love you and she never has. She loves me.
  • She loved me. shes just distracted you and all your lies. Does she even know about all your sneaky business with Wolfshime?
  • Tom I just want to go home.