New Deal project
Updated: 3/13/2020
New Deal project

Storyboard Text

  • You don't have another close than that you always wear that you can't play with us
  • My you being so mean to me it's not my fault that my parents don't have a job
  • How am I suppose to give my wife and my children a beautiful life if I have no job, I can barely take care of myself
  • My Husdand doesn't have a job!! :(
  • I wish my kids can have a beautiful life
  • Its okay something will come up just have hope
  • A little girl is getting made fun of because her parent don't have the money to buy her other clothes so she wears the same thing
  • Omg yeeessss im so interested is there anywhere I can apply ???
  • Hi are you interested to work here we pay really well , we really need workers are you interested ????
  • The husband is ashamed because he doesn't have any money to take care of his children because he doesn't have a job/ money
  • I love it here now no one can bully me for not having the things I always wanted and now no one will tell me im poor thanks to my dad
  • Jamica is telling her friend that her husband doens't have a job and in her mind she wants to have a beautiful life so her kids will grow up with a healthy wife but thats just her imagination.
  • I can't believe that we live here you actually sacrificed yourself for us and worked so hard I love you
  • Anything for my family now no one can tell us anything and you don't have to worry about anything
  • As he gets out the restaurant he tells his wife that he has a new job years later he was able to by everything for his family a mansion and new clothes, the family was very thanful that the manager was good enough to give him the job without having to apply
  • I will come first thing in the morning
  • Actually no what you can do is come tomorrow in the morning for the position :)
  • this little girl is happy becuase she doesn't have to 
  • This family lived happily ever after because he worked for months and years and was able to give his family everything they ever wantsed