Harriet Jacobs: The Road To Freedom
Updated: 2/9/2021
Harriet Jacobs: The Road To Freedom

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This is a story of Harriet Jacobs, a slave, who made her epic escape!

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  • She was there reunited with her children and her brother.
  • Harriet soon heard that her master was coming to New York to force her back into slavery. She couldn't go back there again. After all she's done, not again. So, she fled again.
  • This also gave her an opportunity to take her daughter from the house of Sawyer's cousin in Brooklyn, where she had been treated not much better than a slave.
  • In Boston, Jacobs took odd jobs. She split her time between working for the family of Nathaniel Parker Willis in New York and working on behalf of the anti-slavery movement with her brother, John, in Rochester. After ten years of living as a fugitive in the north, Jacobs’s freedom, along with that of her children, was purchased by the Willis family. In 1853, she begins writing her autobiography. During the years, she traveled a lot for protest, helping freedmen, and anti-slavery movement. In 1861 her book Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl is published and to this day, it's considered an American classic. At last, Harriet Jacobs died on March 7, 1897, in Washington, D.C.
  • When she entered the room, he got up his chair and slapped her across the face. But she didn't say anything because this was normality, plus, she was busy planning an escape.