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Updated: 9/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • The Story of Saint Nicholas
  • Saint Nicholas was born on the 15th of March 270 AD in Patara
  • Saint Nicholas' parents both died of a plague leaving him by himself as a young man
  • Saint Nicholas was born into a wealthy family
  • He helped and served the poor and didn't use the money to spoil himself
  • He inherited all of his parent's money after their death
  • Saint Nicholas later became a devout christian Bishop of a place called Myra.
  • As a Bishop he still helped the poor and needy children
  • He was exiled from Myra and later put in prison during the persecution of Christians by the Emperor Diocletian where he died
  • Saint Nicholas sadly died on the 6th of December 343 AD
  • He lived for a long 73 years
  • This is why Saint Nicolas is connected to Santa, because Santa gives gifts to children all around the world
  • After Nicholas died he became the saint of giving to children