story bored
Updated: 12/7/2020
story bored

Storyboard Text

  • They are learning to stay safe online
  • Make sure to tell a parent if someone asks for you personal information
  • The girl comes home
  • I am going on the computer before i do my homework
  • She gets a email form a stranger
  • hmm i wonder who this is
  • The teacher is explaining to the class how to stay safe online and not to answer to strangers
  • She is unsure if she should answer
  • Hmm shall i respond or not
  • The girl comes home and decides to go on the computer before she does her homework
  • the girl responded to the email
  • umm hi
  • The girl gets a email from a stranger
  • the girl realised that it was wrong
  • this is wrong i shall tell mum,
  • the girl is debating wether she should respond or not
  • the girl answer to the person and says hi
  • the girl realised that what she did was wrong and that she needs to tell her mum