blood and milk
Updated: 4/29/2020
blood and milk

Storyboard Text

  • oh! hello Guru Nanak please come on inside
  • wait Guru Nanak
  • A young man was siting praying when the great teacher Guru Nanak came over.
  • your invitation must have got lost come with me to my house
  • both of you bring me a piece of your bread
  • The man asked Guru Nanak if he needed a place to stay and rest. Guru Nanak said yes.
  • i'm sorry please take my bread
  • As Guru Nanak and his host was walking to the host house a man shouted after them.
  • your bread lord is made from the blood of your foes while your bread my kind host is made by your own hands so milk came out
  • the greedy man wanted Guru Nanak to stay at his house.
  • To decide Guru Nanak asked both his host and the man to bring him a piece of there bread. when both men had given Guru Nanak squeezed them out of his hosts bread came rich creamy milk but the greedy mans bread cold red blood flowed forth.
  • Guru Nanak explained to his host and the man. After the greedy man broke down and sobbed after finishing his melt down with the help of Guru Nanak's words the man gave his bread to the untouchables showing that anyone can change.