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Updated: 6/18/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Thousands of years ago there was a king called Dasha. Dasha's eldest son, Rahm, had a beautiful wife called Sita, with whom he was in love. One of the king's wives was jealous of Rahm and Sita and wanted them to be exiled. The king had no choice but to do exile them.
  • Rahm and Sita went to the forest with Rahm's loyal younger brother Luxman. After a few years, a demon called Serpena who fell for the looks of Rahm, asked him to marry her, but he said no and asked her to ask Luxman who also said no which made Serpena angry.
  • She was that angry that she tried to fight Luxman but he cut off her ears and nose so she ran to her brother the demon king who swore revenge. With the help of another demon in the shape of a golden deer who distracted Luxman and Rahm as they kidnapped Sita.
  • When Rahm and Luxman returned they realised something bad had happened so they went to look for Sita and ran into an army full of monkeys and bears amongst them was a monkey called Hanuman Who was super strong and could fly. Rahm asked him to look for Sita. So he did.
  • After a while of looking Hanuman found Sita and said Rahm would be their soon. He flew back and showed them the army full of monkeys and bears their way there. Soon a Great War broke out between two Mighty armies Rahm and the army managed to kill all the demons except one.
  • The Demon king was the last one left Rahm asked for an apology but he just reigned down arrows on him so he did the same but no matter what he did nothing happened until the demons brother said where his weak point was, with one arrow he died. After his exile he returned and there was happiness everywhere.
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