Nike in Vietnam
Updated: 12/7/2020
Nike in Vietnam

Storyboard Text

  • MNC, such as Nike in Vietnam move in and build their factories, which is instantly beneficial for the Vietnamese people and economy as there are instantly more jobs available.
  • However, smaller, high-street businesses sometimes lost out because an MNC automatically attracts more attention than smaller businesses.
  • However, the multiplier effect means that other small businesses, such as restaurants, will benefit because the jobs the MNC provides means that people have more disposable income to spend. This is also likely to benefit the MNC because people are likely to spend some of their disposable income on them.
  • The MNC's reputation could mean that care and trade union are overlooked. There are potentially sweatshop conditions and the company may take advantage of its workers and the fact that the host country needs the MNC in order to keep their economy up. Children as workers, low pay, poor healthcare etc. The MNC has the power, if a damaged reputation
  • Despite this, more businesses and more workers mean more taxes are paid so the government has more money to use to benefit the country with things like roads and healthcare systems
  • Lots of people will move up in industry, eg from primary to secondary, as a result of the MNC moving in, and so the GNI will go up