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Updated: 5/21/2020
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  • Naomi, her husband and 2 sons decide to move to the land of Moab where they meet 2 girls names Ruth and Orpah who eventually marry the 2 sons.
  • Sadly, Naomi's husband and sons pass away leaving her with Ruth and Orpah. She tells the 2 women to leave saying there is no point staying. Orpah goes but Ruth is loyal and stays.
  • One day Ruth goes in the fields to look for food for her and Noami. She meets the owner of the field Boaz who's Naomi's relative. Boaz is imressed with Ruth's loyalty to Naomi.
  • When Naomi finds out that Ruth met Boaz she is overjoyed because Boaz is their family redeemer which means that if a man in the family dies and leaves behind a wife then it is the family redeemer's job to marry that women.
  • Ruth and Naomi come up with a plan to get Boaz to marry Ruth. Naomi makes Ruth dress up and look nice. She then goes to Boaz and asks him to marry her and he says yes.
  • In the last minute Boaz finds out there is actually another closer relative of Ruth who is actually meant to marry her but he doesn't want to so Boaz and Ruth get married.
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